SYS.DM_EXEC_REQUESTS Changes Between Versions Of SQL Server

I was recently doing some work with a backup verification routine that is meant to run on various versions of SQL Server and came across some variations in the way the RESTORE VERIFYONLY command is reported by sys.dm_exec_requests between SQL Server 2005, 2008 R2, and 2012. I haven’t seen this mentioned anywhere, so I thought […]

Monitoring For Endless Index Defragmenting – January 2014

Two months ago I blogged about a procedure I wrote that, if you are using Ola Hallengren’s index maintenance routine, can look for indexes that are being repeatedly defragged. This usually indicates that the fill factor can be adjusted downward so that the index doesn’t need to be defragged every time your maintenance routine runs. […]

Monitoring For Endless Index Defragmenting

You are an awesome DBA. You have complete control over your dominion. You have all your backups automated and the testing of those backups is automated. You have alerts properly configured on all your servers. You have your index maintenance plans running regularly. You ride a unicorn to the office and George Hamilton asks you […]

Identifying Identity Columns Approaching Their Limit

Back in December, a couple of checks I wrote were included in Brent Ozar Unlimited’s sp_Blitz script. I was chagrined to see that some people discovered some bugs in my code and submitted fixes. To be fair, one was a bug in SQL 2008 & 2008 R2 where DBCC DBINFO WITH TABLERESULTS returned the dbccLastKnownGood […]

Determining If A Full Backup Is Needed For A Log Or Differential Backup

What annoys you? For me, a few things I find annoying are people talking on cell phones in restaurants, people chewing with their mouth open, and getting calls from telemarketers. SQL jobs failing also annoy me. OK, maybe not as much as Chatty Cathy yakking with her friend on the phone during dinner, but it’s […]