It’s Two For One Day!

It’s Two For One day here at! That’s right! Today only, you get TWO tips for the price of one! One of the things I routinely do when setting up a new SQL Server or adding one to the flock that I already manage is to set up a job to maintain the job […]

Getting Count Of All Objects In All Databases

I got a request from my manager to update a document we have here called our Service Catalog. The document is published by the IT department and lists all the major software programs we use, the business units that use them, whether or not they are 24×7 systems, and some other stats about our department. […]

Teaching An Old Dog New Tricks

Now that I’m in a position where I am monitoring a large number of SQL Servers, I’m finding a new appreciation for SSMS. I’ve already written about the error-highlighting trick I recently discovered. Today I’d like to talk a bit about the ability of SSMS to issue commands against multiple SQL Servers at once. I […]

SSMS Feature Request – Filter By Datetime, Not Just Date

I’ve been working lately on migrating a MySQL database to SQL Server. As part of this process, once the database has been migrated, an update of the program using the database is run, which makes some changes to the structure of the database. I designed a nice little SSIS package to migrate the data from […]