Sometimes, it pays to take a second look

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Let’s face it, we all live by that more than we should. We’re busy and it’s the problems people are complaining about that get all our attention. We rarely have the time to go back and improve our routines or redesign them. (Which is one reason I insist […]

Out Of Disk Space? It Might Not Be Your Data Or Log Files.

I came back into the office after New Years to find roughly 275,000 email messages in my inbox. Yup. Over one quarter million emails. It took over 2 hours to download them all and even longer to delete them. Obviously, something was going on. (Normally, I would have seen these alerts on my work cell […]

It’s 12 AM. Do You Know What Your Backups Are Doing?

After watching Brent Ozar’s webinar on backups and virtual machines, I was inspired to take a deeper look at our company’s overall backup plans.  I had already gone through the code that was actually doing the backup, found some crazy stuff, and fixed it, but this time through I wanted to take a closer look […]