In-Memory Tables Cause Tons of Benign Entries in Error Log

If any of your databases use in-memory tables, you’ve likely seen messages in your error log similar to this: [INFO] Database ID: [11]. Deleting unrecoverable checkpoint table row (id: 40568). You probably have tons of these things filling up your logs. They are completely normal and refer to SQL’s process of cleaning up the list […]

How Can Identical Servers Have Different CPU Utilization Under The Same Load?

I ran into an interesting case today. We’ve got a pair of SQL Servers running in an Availability Group. We’re set up so we can run with either server as the primary. We use Sentry One to monitor our SQL servers and after a recent planned failover, I noticed that when we run on Server […]

User_Updates value from sys.dm_db_index_usage_stats can be misleading

I was doing some investigating the other day and trying to find which tables in our environment were the most written to. This was because my buddies in the IT department had gotten a bunch of new storage that was optimized for a write-intensive workload. To identify which tables had the most writes, I used […]