Out Of Disk Space? It Might Not Be Your Data Or Log Files.

I came back into the office after New Years to find roughly 275,000 email messages in my inbox. Yup. Over one quarter million emails. It took over 2 hours to download them all and even longer to delete them. Obviously, something was going on. (Normally, I would have seen these alerts on my work cell […]

Mirroring Server Cluster Failover Can Trigger Mirroring Alert On Principal

I ran into an interesting situation this morning. I got alerts for each of my mirrored databases that they had entered the “Synchronizing Principal” state. (I wrote about how to set up these alerts here.) These alerts were sent from the principal server. There were no alerts from the mirror server, which should have happened […]

Disabling Mirroring During Maintenance

I wrote a while ago about setting up alerts for database mirroring events – when mirroring is suspended and resumed. It’s been a month or so since I’ve implemented those alerts and I’ve discovered I need to make some minor adjustments to my maintenance plans to accommodate them. My standard maintenance plans are set to […]

“Drive Space Monitoring Gets An Update” Update

A while back, I wrote an article that appeared on SQLServerCentral.com that presented a routine to gather disk usage data for all the SQL Servers in an organization. One of the pieces of data that routine gathered was the size of the SQL Server data and log files and the total size of the drives […]

Email Notifications In SQL 2000 Without SQL Mail

I love Database Mail. The new mail system that was introduced in SQL Server 2005 is head and shoulders above the old SQL Mail functionality of SQL 2000. Setting up email alerts for failed jobs and error conditions is now a breeze. Unfortunately, I still have a couple SQL Server 2000 machines in use that […]