Are Your Availability Group Backups Really Following Your Configured Backup Preferences?

I ran into a problem with Availability Group backups the other day that had me scratching my head for a couple of hours before I finally discovered what was going on. When you set up an Availability Group, one of the settings you can configure is where you want the backups to be made. The […]

TRUNCATE TABLE Does NOT Preclude A Point-In-Time Recovery

There is a lot of information in the world that people just assume is true because it has been repeated so much. Twinkies have an unlimited shelf life.  McDonalds hamburgers have so many preservatives, they will never get moldy. The problem is this information is frequently wrong. But the incorrect information is so widespread and […]

Determining If A Full Backup Is Needed For A Log Or Differential Backup

What annoys you? For me, a few things I find annoying are people talking on cell phones in restaurants, people chewing with their mouth open, and getting calls from telemarketers. SQL jobs failing also annoy me. OK, maybe not as much as Chatty Cathy yakking with her friend on the phone during dinner, but it’s […]

TRY / CATCH Can Catch More Than Just Errors

I’ve been experiencing an intermittent problem with my automated backup testing routine for some time now. I would occasionally get a failure during a restore, but when I manually ran the exact same restore command, the restore worked without issue. Because my testing routine selects a random sample of backups to test, I was not […]

Database Maintenance for Non-DBAs Part 2

Last time, I wrote about how to set up a basic maintenance plan to back up your databases on a regular basis to avoid having your transaction logs grow out of control and fill up your disk. As I mentioned at the end of that article, that routine creates backup files, but it does not […]