More Poor Vendor Database Designs

Everyone DBA probably has one database that just gives them fits. It seems there’s always at least one problem database that causes headaches whenever you try to do anything to it. I have one of those. It’s an 800 GB database on one of my SQL 2005 servers. The size itself isn’t what’s driving me […]

It’s 12 AM. Do You Know What Your Backups Are Doing?

After watching Brent Ozar’s webinar on backups and virtual machines, I was inspired to take a deeper look at our company’s overall backup plans.  I had already gone through the code that was actually doing the backup, found some crazy stuff, and fixed it, but this time through I wanted to take a closer look […]

Normalization Gone Amuck

Database normalization is typically a good thing. It helps reduce the amount of errors in a database by having important information only stored in one place.It maintains referential integrity and helps prevent what are known as insertion and deletion anomalies. It allows the database design to accommodate future expansions of data storage requirements and makes […]