Implicit Conversions Can Be An Unseen Danger

I got an email from one of my developers regarding a process they had developed in-house. The process has been taking longer and longer to run and it had reached the point where the application was timing out while waiting for a response from the database. Some investigating revealed that the process was timing out […]

Script Published On

I submitted a script to and it’s been published today. The script automatically re-trusts foreign keys or constraints. It will also report any that could not be re-trusted. Discussion about the script can be found here. I have post here about how your foreign keys and constraints might become untrusted and why it is […]

Yet Another Reason To Dislike Heaps – They Waste Space

I think most DBAs by now know that heaps, tables without a clustered index, are bad and should be avoided, but the word hasn’t seemed to have trickled down to software developers yet. I still come across to many vendor databases that contain hundreds, if not thousands, of heaps. In fact, what prompted me to […]