The Only Constant Is Change

Monitoring the health of your SQL Servers is a standard part of a DBA’s job. One of the most important parts, to tell you the truth. It’s tempting to think of databases as unchanging. You can check them once and, if they are healthy, your job is done. There is no need to check it […]

TRUNCATE TABLE Does NOT Preclude A Point-In-Time Recovery

There is a lot of information in the world that people just assume is true because it has been repeated so much. Twinkies have an unlimited shelf life.  McDonalds hamburgers have so many preservatives, they will never get moldy. The problem is this information is frequently wrong. But the incorrect information is so widespread and […]

I’m A Published Author! Tribal SQL Is Coming!

I’ve been holding off mentioning anything about this because I still have a hard time believing it’s really happening, but it appears it actually is happening, so… I’m published!! Woo-hoo!! Back in November, 2011 (!), I came across a blog post by Jen McCown soliciting abstracts for chapters of a new book she was thinking […]