Drive Space Monitoring Update – October 2015

Over five years ago, I wrote my first (and so far, only) article for with a routine for gathering database disk stats for your SQL Server databases that live on different SQL servers. I realized that the last update I posted here was four years ago. I continue to use the script and have […]

Disabling An Index Removes Index Data

DBAs gained the ability to disable indexes in SQL Server 2005. This is a handy little option when you are tuning indexes or consolidating indexes. When you disable an index, you tell SQL Server to basically pretend the index doesn’t exist. Data changes made to the underlying tables are not reflected in the disabled index. […]

Enabling Data Compression – August 2013 Update

[UPDATE Oct 2013]: I have made some improvements to this script, including those mentioned in the comments below. See my post on 10/28/13 for the latest version.   I recently posted an update of my script to enable data compression in SQL Server, but I’ve made some significant changes recently and decided it was time to […]