Drive Space Monitoring Update – October 2015

Over five years ago, I wrote my first (and so far, only) article for with a routine for gathering database disk stats for your SQL Server databases that live on different SQL servers. I realized that the last update I posted here was four years ago. I continue to use the script and have […]

Enabling Data Compression – February 2014 Update

Blog reader cp spotted a pretty big bug in the last version of this routine. Namely, non-clustered indexes were being flagged as no longer present and were therefore not being compressed. This was because the existence check I used, supplying an ID to OBJECT_ID() and checking for a NULL value, will always return a null […]

Enabling Data Compression – October 2013 Update

Note: For more details about this script and the variables and outputs, see my post here. I’ve made two changes to my script that checks for new database objects to compress. First, it will now enclose table and index names in square brackets to prevent errors with object names that are also keywords or include […]

Out Of Disk Space? It Might Not Be Your Data Or Log Files.

I came back into the office after New Years to find roughly 275,000 email messages in my inbox. Yup. Over one quarter million emails. It took over 2 hours to download them all and even longer to delete them. Obviously, something was going on. (Normally, I would have seen these alerts on my work cell […]