Tell Me Your Desires (And I Promise To Try Not To Laugh)

My co-worker showed me a SQL Server requirements document that he found online somewhere and modified at a previous company. He would give this document to vendors who said they needed a SQL Server and they would need to select the appropriate answers before he would let them install their product.  I think this is […]

Who Can Get The DBA Fired Report

So there you are, sitting at your desk, idly clicking in SSMS, admiring your little kingdom of SQL Servers. Everything looks good. Jobs are running correctly. No performance problems to be seen. Everything is humming along smoothly. It’s tempting to relax a little and perhaps take some time to peruse a few blogs or check […]

Getting Count Of All Objects In All Databases

I got a request from my manager to update a document we have here called our Service Catalog. The document is published by the IT department and lists all the major software programs we use, the business units that use them, whether or not they are 24×7 systems, and some other stats about our department. […]

SP_Configure ALLOW_UPDATES Still Has An Effect In SQL 2008

At virtually every company I have worked at, documentation has always lagged behind the product. This is especially true for products that are used only internally. It’s understandable to some extent. Many IT departments are understaffed and the team is spending the majority of their time either putting out fires or working to keep everything […]