Are Your Availability Group Backups Really Following Your Configured Backup Preferences?

I ran into a problem with Availability Group backups the other day that had me scratching my head for a couple of hours before I finally discovered what was going on. When you set up an Availability Group, one of the settings you can configure is where you want the backups to be made. The […]

Enabling Data Compression – January 2016 Update

Reader Dick H. posted a comment on my last version of this script stating that he got an error when this was run against tables containing sparse columns. Data compression does not support tables with sparse columns, so they should be excluded from this process. I’ve modified this script to correct this. I don’t have […]

Enabling Data Compression – November 2015 Update

It never fails. You work on something, be it a painting, a story, or even a SQL script, and tweak it until you’ve got it just right and, finally, after all your hard work, you publish it. Then you immediately find something you want to change. Guess what? The very day my updated data compression […]