In-Memory Tables Cause Tons of Benign Entries in Error Log

If any of your databases use in-memory tables, you’ve likely seen messages in your error log similar to this:

[INFO] Database ID: [11]. Deleting unrecoverable checkpoint table row (id: 40568).

You probably have tons of these things filling up your logs. They are completely normal and refer to SQL’s process of cleaning up the list of checkpoints that the In-Memory process uses to provide data consistency and durability. Paul Randall answered a question about these messages in his SQL Skills Insiders Newsletter (PDF link).

It’s nice that they are labeled with [INFO], so you can be fairly sure they aren’t a major issue, but they still annoyingly fill up the log with information that is of no use to anyone outside of Microsoft. It would be nice if you could disable these messages but, to my knowledge, you cannot.

Occasionally, you may see another message in your error log, one that seems like it might be more serious:

[WARNING] === At least 4 extensions for file {0BAE5D9C-35C2-480C-BE9C-7D2AFEEE4EA0} (e:\b\s3\sources\sql\ntdbms\hekaton\engine\hadr\mtlog.cpp : 5946)

This one is identified as a [WARNING]. Uh-oh! That can’t be good.

From the path and filename, it pretty clear this message is also related to logging for in-memory tables, but how? Despite my efforts, I was unable to find out much about this message online. I did find one post from someone at Microsoft saying they would investigate the warning, but there was never any follow up.

Was this something I should be concerned about? Given that my system had been running fine for months and months, my thought was it was probably unimportant and could be ignored. Still, I’d like to know what it meant.

When my internet sleuthing didn’t turn up any answers, I contacted the folks at SQL Skills and Erin Stellato was kind enough to ask her contacts at Microsoft.

Bottom line: it can be ignored.

The message is simply stating that the log file has been extended, i.e. grown in size. It reports at power of 2 intervals.

I have no idea why this is labelled WARNING, as opposed to INFO, like the other message. It would also be nice if these informational-only messages were not written to the error log, or at least written at a much lower frequency. Literally 85% of my error log are just these two messages! Perhaps in SQL 2019, these messages aren’t logged….

I hope that by putting this out there, someone else who might be bothered by this warning can relax a bit.

Thanks, Erin, for getting this info!

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