SQL Requirements For Upgrading To Dynamics GP 2010

We recently upgraded our installation of Great Plains from version 10 to Dynamics GP 2010 and ran into some difficulties with the upgrade hanging. We’re using SQL 2008 R2 as our database back end. Let me first state that I was not involved in this upgrade and it was our vendor who was working with […]

Changing SQL Server’s MaxDOP Setting

Last week, I wrote about what MaxDOP is and why you may not want to leave it at the default value of zero on your multi-processor systems. This week I’m going to talk about how to change it and give some results from my server where I made a change. MaxDOP is an advanced configuration […]

Setting MaxDOP on Multi-Core / Processor Servers

In my job, I don’t have many servers with more than 8 processor cores, so I typically don’t set the server-wide MaxDOP setting and instead let it stay at the default of zero, which tells SQL Server to use however many processors it thinks a query should use. However, I do have a handful of […]