Using PowerShell For More Readable Log Files

Most of the scheduled jobs on my SQL Servers write some sort of output to a log file. Most of the time, it’s just the output of a SQL statement. However, for some of my longer, more complicated routines, the procedures I write include PRINT statements to output various statuses or progress messages while the […]

Allow A User To Modify Any Job

I ran into a problem today with permissions and jobs. As I’ve mentioned previously, I’m in the middle of auditing access rights on our SQL Servers and removing unnecessary sa rights from logins that don’t need them. In our shop, we have developers who build SSIS package and schedule them to run on our production […]

Extended Stored Procedures And Windows Permissions

I ran into an issue with Windows directory access permissions yesterday that I thought was worth a post. Here at my company, we use LiteSpeed for our backups. For those not familiar with LiteSpeed operation, it basically creates some extended stored procedures that link to DLLs that perform database backups, compression, and a host of […]