Enabling Data Compression – January 2016 Update

Reader Dick H. posted a comment on my last version of this script stating that he got an error when this was run against tables containing sparse columns. Data compression does not support tables with sparse columns, so they should be excluded from this process. I’ve modified this script to correct this. I don’t have […]

Enabling Data Compression – November 2015 Update

It never fails. You work on something, be it a painting, a story, or even a SQL script, and tweak it until you’ve got it just right and, finally, after all your hard work, you publish it. Then you immediately find something you want to change. Guess what? The very day my updated data compression […]

Drive Space Monitoring Update – October 2015

Over five years ago, I wrote my first (and so far, only) article for SQLServerCentral.com with a routine for gathering database disk stats for your SQL Server databases that live on different SQL servers. I realized that the last update I posted here was four years ago. I continue to use the script and have […]

Enabling Data Compression – October 2015 Update

It’s been about a year and a half since I last posted an update to my script that scans databases for objects to compress and, optionally, compresses them. This time around, I’ve just incorporated a bug fix and added a check to make sure the script is running on an edition of SQL Server that […]

Monitoring For Endless Index Defragmenting – September 2015

It’s been quite a while since I last took a look at my script to monitor for endless index defragmenting by Ola Hallengren’s index maintenance scripts. Before running this version, I suggest you read my first two posts about this process, including a very important caveat about the need to coordinate the frequency of running […]