Error 8623 And Entity Framework

My company recently purchased SQL Sentry (oops, they changed the name to Sentry One over two years ago, although the website still says SQL Sentry all over the place) and I’ve been spending the last several weeks setting it up and configuring all the alerts. There are a ton of items it monitors and, while […]

My Dynamics / Great Plains Connect Issue Gets A Response

I wrote almost a year ago about an issue I ran into with Dynamics / Great Plains. The program intentionally tries to select a non-existent column from various tables as a means to determine if the table exists. Back in the days of SQL 6.5, when the Great Plains code was written, a “table / […]

Performance Tuning A Query – An Example

I don’t spend a lot of my time tuning queries. Many of the databases in my company are used by third party products and we have limited control over the changes we can make to those. However, we do have several databases that are used by home-grown applications and these we have much more latitude […]

Yet Another Reason Why Dynamics / Great Plains Is Horrible

The database design for Dynamics / Great Plains is well known to be incredibly poor. Now I’ve run into another reason why the program sucks. As per best practices, I’ve got alerts set up on all my SQL Servers. One of these alerts is for severity 20 errors. I have a server that is host […]