Sometimes I Out-Smart Myself

Got a call from the company I used to work for and they needed some help with restoring a backup. No problem. Sounded easy. Turns out, it wasn’t quite so simple. In fact, I had to put on my robot hat again. The company was trying to restore a database to a point in time. […]

Mirroring Server Cluster Failover Can Trigger Mirroring Alert On Principal

I ran into an interesting situation this morning. I got alerts for each of my mirrored databases that they had entered the “Synchronizing Principal” state. (I wrote about how to set up these alerts here.) These alerts were sent from the principal server. There were no alerts from the mirror server, which should have happened […]

How To Apply Service Packs To SQL Servers Involved In Mirroring

I recently had to apply SQL Server 2008 SP2 to some of our SQL Servers, three of which are involved in a database mirroring configuration (as the principle, mirror, and monitor servers). Or so I thought. When I looked a bit deeper, I realized I mis-read my spreadsheet and the servers using mirroring were running […]

Disabling Mirroring During Maintenance

I wrote a while ago about setting up alerts for database mirroring events – when mirroring is suspended and resumed. It’s been a month or so since I’ve implemented those alerts and I’ve discovered I need to make some minor adjustments to my maintenance plans to accommodate them. My standard maintenance plans are set to […]