And We’re Off!

Welcome to my blog! I’ll be posting here mainly about SQL Server stuff, but likely about some other things that interest me as well. I’m sure the world could survive without another SQL Server blog, but I have been inspired by the on-line SQL community and feel a need to try to give back in some way. I regularly follow the blogs of Paul Randal, Kimberly Tripp, Brent Ozar and Thomas LaRock. This isn’t to say I have SQL knowledge comparable to them, but I am deeply impressed by the amount of help they give to people for free. I personally have emailed Paul on three separate occasions with a problem and he has always responded quickly and with an answer. These people, and others who blog and post about SQL Server on the interwebs, have helped me further my education and career. I owe a debt and I hope to repay some of it with this blog. Of course, that means I need to be sure of my answers and not plagiarize others. I think I can handle that.

I’ve recently started messing around with the policy based management feature that showed up in SQL Server 2008. I’m liking what I see so far, although I am finding it lacking a bit in some areas and just plain confusing in others. But that’s a subject for my next post.

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