Using Source Code Pro Font With SSMS

I’m not a font junkie. I typically don’t care too much about what font programs use and the only thing I notice is if the font is serif or sans serif. Although I did publish a music fanzine many years ago called Fruitbasket Upset with a friend of mine and played around with different fonts occasionally, I never obsessed over them like some people do.Yet, I did find myself intrigued when Adobe recently announced they had created a font specifically for use by computer programmers. It’s a mono-spaced, sans-serif font called Source Code Pro and they released it to the open source community.

Just for kicks, I installed it and set up SQL Server Management Studio to use this as the default font. (I actually use the “semibold” version because I like the thicker lines.) I’ve been using it for about a week and find I like it. I don’t spend hours of my day staring at code, so I don’t really qualify as someone who can judge if this is indeed a good font for programming, but I do know I like the look of it. If you’re looking for a bit of a change, check it out.

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