My Dynamics / Great Plains Connect Issue Gets A Response

I wrote almost a year ago about an issue I ran into with Dynamics / Great Plains. The program intentionally tries to select a non-existent column from various tables as a means to determine if the table exists. Back in the days of SQL 6.5, when the Great Plains code was written, a “table / column not found” error was returned faster than just doing a query to see if the table existed. Unfortunately, in modern versions of SQL Server this error also throws a severity 20 error and, if you are following Microsoft’s best practices for configuring alerts on your SQL Server, the server will generate an alert every time this happens.

So I created a Connect item asking that this be changed. Yesterday, I received notification that this issue is “being tracked” and may be fixed in a future release. I’m not going to hold my breath, but at least someone is tracking it and there is a glimmer of hope it will get fixed.

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